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> 09 JAN 2017

> 27 OCT 2016

Curated by Andrew Bracey and Steve Dutton
AirSpace Gallery
November 18th to December 17th, 2016

Midpointness is an evolving project which seeks to equate itself along the lines of a conceptual model of the cosmic. Over the course of 4 weeks, this group exhibition, featuring works by 27 UK and international artists will change and evolve, grow and diminish, pulsate through the works of the artists and the participation of the audience. Curatorial control will, at times be handed over to Gallery staff and exhibition visitors, both live and remote. Through this egalitarian, hierarchy-free approach, Midpointness will seek to explore the nature of the artist, the exhibition, the audience and the work of art.

The Artists
Euripides Altintzoglou , Emilie Atkinson, Alison Ballard & Martin Lewis, Angela Bartram, Andrew Bracey, Kate Buckley, Stu Burke, Steve Dutton, Dutton & Bracey, Rob Flint, Simón Granell, Steve Hawley, Toby Huddlestone, Kate Liston, Danica Maier, Hamish Macpherson, Annie Morrad, John Rimmer, David Reed, Lily Mellor, John Plowman, Kate Southworth, Jelena Tomasevic, Barrie Tullett, Tom Verity, Jack Waddington, Gerard Williams.

>14 06 2016

Nov '07 - May '09 (detail) makes a second appearance in Part 1 of The Midpointness blog curated by Steve Dutton & Andrew Bracey. The Midpointness Blog project will be a four part monthly contribution to ThIS Blog.

[... and1 another2 thing3] appears in Part 2

Part 1:

Part 2:


>01 04 2016

Issue 1 / Can I Have Some of That?
Cake Journal

with new work by:

Adonis Archontides
Simón Granell
Orestis Lazouras
Jackson xoxo



>23 09 2015
23 – 27 SEPTEMBER 2015

Midpointness is an evolving curatorial and artistic project that explores ways in which works of art might be understood as ‘being in the midst’; a place W. T. J. Mitchell has usefully described as an “inescapable zone of transaction”. 

When is something finished? When might something begin? Midpointness explores these questions through a performative process of exhibition making in which artists and curators are present throughout. The project will begin with an exhibition of work by selected artists, which is then dismantled and constantly reconstructed, re-imagined, re-classified and augmented throughout the exhibition by curators, artists, students and gallery visitors. 

Curated by Steve Dutton, Professor in Contemporary Art Practice at the University of Lincoln

>17th July 2015
I know what I like - 1/7-14/7 2015
Thank you to Jacob Dahlgren for his kind invitation and partcipation in this project

>01st July 2015
Peinture Abstraite - Jacob Dahlgren

I know what I like
Curated by Simón Granell
1/7-14/7 2015

Starts today
image © Jacob Dahlgren 2015

>3rd April 2015

I will be attending the Painting/Looking Symposium on the 16th April at The University of Lincoln. Organised by Artist/Curator Andrew Bracey.

>11th March 2015
Opening tomorrow at PSP Licoln

>06th March 2015

Work currently being printed and nearly ready for show at The Link, PSP Lincoln. Opening next week.

Great efforts again from (detail) curator Andrew Bracey.

>20th dec 2014
(detail) moves to Usher Gallery, Lincoln

The Usher Gallery, Lincoln
Curated By Andrew Bracey

20 December 2014– 19 April 2015
Gallery Open Daily 10am - 4pm last entry 3:45pm
Closed 24 - 26 Dec & 31 Dec - 1 Jan

>18th Nov 2014

Projectspaceplus talk
Discussion between Simon Granell, Eric Butcher and Andrew Bracey at Projectspaceplus at the University of Lincoln.

>24th Sept 2014
(detail) publication - On Sale

(detail) accompanies the show of the same name at Transition Gallery. Produced by Transition Editions this 172 page publication includes images from all 118 artists and essays by Andrew Bracey (the curator of the project), Simón Granell, Brian Curtin, James Elkins and David Ryan.

Available from Transition Gallery - £10

>20th Sept 2014
(detail) OPENS
@ Transition Gallery Curated by Andrew Bracey
List of artists:
Alec Shepley, Alexis Harding, Alison Erika Forde, Alastair Payne, Alli Sharma, Alun Williams, Andrea Giuseppe Corciulo, Andrew Bick, Andrew Bracey, Andrew Graves, Andrew Seto, Andrew Stahl, Andy Harper, Annabel Dover, Annabel Tilley, Annabelle Sheldon, Anthony Frost, Bartosz Beda, Ben Cove, Benet Spencer, Cathy Lomax, Christopher Bagnal, Clem Crosby, Clyde Hopkins, Corinna Spencer, Craig Barber, Damien Meade, Dan Hays, Dan Perfect, Daniel Sturgis, David Dipre, David Manley, David Reed, David Ryan, Dominic Shepherd, Eleanor Moreton, Emma Talbot, Enzo Marra, Eric Butcher, Estelle Thompson, Euripides Altintzoglou, Eve Ackroyd, Evi Grigoropoulou, Fabian Marcaccio, Fiona Curran, Fiona Macdonald. Fiona Rae, G L Brierley, Geraint Evans, Gordon Cheung, Gordon Dalton, Graham Crowley, Hamish McLain, Hannah Knox, Hanneline Visnes, Henny Acloque, Henrietta Simson, Iain Andrews, Isabel Young, Jamie Shovlin, Jay Oliver, Jennifer Maidment, John Rimmer, Julia Schwadron, Julie Heffernan, Julie Langsam, Karin Davie, Katie Pratt, Katrina Blannin, Laura Lancaster, Lesley Halliwell, Lindsay Bull, Louisa Chambers, Louise Bristow, Luke Frost, Maggie Ayliffe, Magnus Quaife, Mark Fairnington, Mark Kennard, Mark Wright, Medina Hammad, Michael Fullerton, Michael Roberts, Mick Finch, Miho Sato, Mik Godley, Mimei Thompson, Narbi Price, Natasha Kidd, Neal Rock, Olivia Notaro, Paul Edwards, Paul Winstanley, Pavel Büchler, Phoebe Mitchell, Rachel Lumsden, Rafal Topolewski, Rick Copsey, Robert Holyhead, Rosalind Davis, Ruth Solomons, Sarah R Key, Sarah Pickstone, Sharon Hall, Shirley Kaneda, Sigrid Holmwood, Simón Granell, Soichiro Shimizu, Stefan Sehler, Steve Dutton, Steve Ingman, Terry Shave, Thomas M Wright, Tom Cretney, Tom Hackney, Tony Smith, Tristram J Aver, Yelena Popova
>16th Sept 2014

Down to Zero -update

11.09.2014 - 11.10.2014

Works by Eric Butcher, Prunella Clough, David Connearn, Simón Granell, Andrea Gregson, Alex Hamilton, Bridget Riley, Michael Roberts, Dieter Roth and Piers Wardle

Curated by Michael Roberts

Exhibition dates: 11th September to 11th October 2014

>03rd Sept 2014

Curator's Talk, H-Project Space, Bangkok

Artist and curator Andrew Bracey talks with Steve Dutton and independent curator Brian Curtin, at H Project Space, Bangkok
7th June 2014


>02nd Sept 2014
A Machine Aesthetic @ NUA

>27th Aug 2014

>05th Aug 2014
Down to Zero

11.09.2014 - 11.10.2014

Works by Eric Butcher, Prunella Clough, David Connearn, Simón Granell, Andrea Gregson, Alex Hamilton, Bridget Riley, Michael Roberts, Dieter Roth and Piers Wardle

Curated by Michael Roberts

Exhibition dates: 11th September to 11th October 2014

>11th June 2014
Installation of (detail) & H Project Space, Bangkok
5th June-6th July 2014

detail installation view

H Project Space, Bangkok

photos © Andrew Bracey (Curator)

Nov 07-May 09
Nov '07-May '09 (detail), Oil on Linen. 100 x 100cm

>08 June 2014
Drawology: One Year On
26th Sept-26th Oct
curated by Deborah Harty
Lanchester Gallery, Coventry

>06 June 2014
Sept 2014

Down to Zero @ Patrick Heide Contemporary Art
Curated by artist Michael Roberts
List of artists TBC

>05 June 2014

H Project Space, Bangkok - 5th June - 6th July 2014

(detail) is a new exhibition curated by Andrew Bracey, which features the work of 118 international artists, who have each selected a close-up from one of their paintings. These details will be printed and displayed together to give both a tantalising glimpse into the artworks, and create a huge, room sized, collage of images. The exhibition will launch at H-Project Space in Bangkok this summer, before touring to Transition Gallery and The Usher Gallery in the UK later this year. The exhibition is supported by Arts Council England and The University of Lincoln.

Transition Gallery, London – 20th September – 12th October 2014
The Usher Gallery, Lincoln – 19th December 2014 - 19th April 2015

Curated by Andrew Bracey

>05 March 2014 
AME opens, projectspaceplus
University of Lincoln
Lincoln e-invite
Lincoln e-invite

>13 Feb 2014

Curator's Lunchtime Talk @ AUB
Simón Granell discusses some of the ideas explored in the exhibition

12.30 - 13.30 The Gallery


>06 Feb 2014
Film Screening & Artists Talk @ AUB

Directed by Chris Marker

La Jetee is a 1962 French science fiction featurette by Chris Marker. Constructed almost entirely from still photos,it tells the story of a post-nuclear war experiment in time travel.

Andrew Bracey, exhibting artist will talk about how the film has influence his practice and the artwork that is featured in the exhibtion.

Andrew Bracey
Andrew Bracey. The Jump 2007

>31 Jan 2014
AME Launch @ AUB
AME AUB artists
Simón Granell, Natasha Kidd, Rob Currie, Eric Butcher and Michael Roberts

>28 Jan 2014
AME Poster @AUB
AUB poster Image

>22 Jan 2014

A Machine Aesthetic comes to AUB

31 01 – 28 02 2014

TheGallery, AUB presents A Machine Aesthetic, a national touring exhibition taking place in Newcastle, Bournemouth, Lincoln and Norwich and concluding at Transition Gallery, London in October 2014.
AUB web image

>12 Jan 2014

Garageland issue XVI: Machines
Launch Event

featuring Lee Mackinnon, Alex Pearl and more
10 January 2014, 6.30-8.30pm
at Transition Gallery

Garageland 16: Issue XVI MACHINES has two guest editors, Eric Butcher and Simón Granell, the co-curators of a national touring exhibition A Machine Aesthetic. They explain some of the ideas behind their project – ideas that have fed into this issue and have been expanded upon by the regular Garageland editorial team...
Garageland Cover Image

>21 Oct 2013

A Machine Aesthetic
launches at Gallery North

09 December 2013 - 10 January 2014

Gallery North presents A Machine Aesthetic, a national touring exhibition taking in Newcastle, Bournemouth, Lincoln and Norwich and concluding at Transition Gallery, London in October 2014. The exhibition is curated by Eric Butcher and Simón Granell.

Public Preview and Q&A with the artists hosted by Professor Helen Baker, 9 December 2013
Q&A: 5pm
Preview: 6pm - 8pm
Exhibition: 10 December 2013 - 10 January 2014, weekdays 10am - 4pm

Exhibiting Artists:
Andrew Bracey
Eric Butcher
David Connearn
Robert Currie
Paul Goodfellow
Simón Granell
Emma Hart
Dan Hays
Natasha Kidd
Tim Knowles
Michael Roberts

Gallery North Image